Canada Defeats Suriname with 4:0 to Proceed to the 2nd Round of FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 Qualifiers

Soccer scores today have seen Canada make another record as the team defeated Suriname with a 4:0 win. This victory means the team can proceed to the second round of the CONCACAF FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 qualifying game. Without a doubt, the team is doing the country proud and the soccer mommy team is also proud of their male counterpart.

The victory means that the team is intact in the quest for a spot on the FIFA World Cup with four straight wins, making them a hot piece on betting sites. Suffice to mention that Canada Soccer’s Men’s Team finished at the top of Group B as they moved on to head-to-head battles against Haiti. Their soccer mom team counterpart has not done badly either in their various games.

The two-match battles against Haiti will take place on June 12, 2021, in Haiti and June 15 back in Chicago. The team’s home away from the home match amid travel restrictions during the global pandemic is something that the online sports betting community is looking forward to.

Although the soccer mom team, the female arm of the national team, is currently on recess, it is believed that they will do the country proud when they return to the field.

Head Coach John Herdman’s Impression about the Game

While talking about the match between Canada’s Soccer’s Men’s Team and Suriname, Herdman acknowledged that the team knew that Suriname would be a tough test of the tenacity of the team. The reason was that the opponent’s team was riding high because they just came out of a game with live soccer scores today.

However, the team knew that if they could weather the storm and remain consistent with the process, the team would be in excellent shape with better soccer scores today. He further stated that the universe gave them the Haiti game and there is no better time to go to the opponent’s hometown to give the players the experience in a new environment like now.

Suffice to mention that the soccer mom team is rooting for their male team and wishing them success in the upcoming matches that lead to the World Cup.

According to him, his team never needed motivational speeches. The team already knew what they want and is ready with the passion to fight it out with Suriname. The match between the two was classified as one of the top bets among punters. The betting community across 22bet and bet 365 games was all out with predictions on how the game will pan out.

How the Canada vs. Haiti Game Played Out

Seventeen minutes into the game, Canada had its big chance when Richie Laryea gave a shot from a distance. However, the ball was saved off the post by Warner Hahn, the Haiti goalkeeper. In the 37th minute into the game, Canada scored a goal taking the 1:0 lead against Haiti with the anticipated soccer scores today.

Davies scored the goal, making it his fourth within the last three games he played. It is worth mentioning that the scored goal was his 9th career goal since he started in 2017. Back on the field, debutant Scott Kennedy pushed the ball forward to David who then dribbled it right into the box.

Suriname right-back Kevin Leerdam got hold of the ball but he was not fast enough to have it in his possession. Davies picked the ball and sped straight ahead and fired the next touch through the goalkeeper’s legs.

This marks the second goal for the team in the match, increasing the team’s soccer scores today. It is of interest to mention that the second goal means that Davies is the first Canadian to score in 3-straight FIFA World Cup Qualifiers within the same year since Paul Peschisolido in 1996.

At the 60th minute into the game, David turned up the fire on the field and aimed for a new soccer Quebec score against the opponent. His low shot from right inside the box after outrunning Shaquille Pinas, the center back, earned him another mark on the sportsbook.

In the 73rd minute, David scored another goal after Davies pushed his way through the opponent’s defenders. He fell over and managed to get up to play the ball into David’s back foot. David got his footing right and gave it a shot with his left foot.

Barely five minutes later, Mark-Anthony Kaye went close with a pass into the box and got it across to Lucas Cavallini who earned a penalty by getting taken down in the box. On a hat trick, David stepped up to take his position and slammed the ball right into the net.

This goal makes it the first time that the Canada team would score hat tricks in three different international matches within the same season. David rightfully takes his place with Cavallini as the second player to ever score three hat tricks for the Canada Soccer’s Men’s National Team.

Suffice to mention that the third goal from David marks his 15th goal in his international career. The success of the Canadian boys has boosted the morale of the soccer mom team as they prepare for their next match.

Highlights of Canada Soccer’s Men’s National Team Reactions to the Victory against Haiti

The team was undoubtedly happy about the outcome of the game. The team’s victory means they are still very much involved in the qualifying game and would proceed to the next round. While talking about the match, Alphonso Davies said the team played exceptional in a new formation in a match that was initially slow.

He revealed that the team tried to figure out how to break the opponent down and he is happy that they took the lead and began to play the best way the team knows how to play. Following this, the right opportunities surfaced and the team took advantage of them.

He opined that the connection between him and Jonathan David is good because every time he tries to find him, he is always right in position. According to Head Coach, John Herdman, the team has created a brotherhood based on a mutually shared purpose to qualify the team for the 2022 FIFA World Cup.

Of course, the soccer mom team is not left out of the spotlight. The has undoubtedly achieved meaningful success in the recent outings

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