COVID-19 Pandemic: Lionel Messi and 3 Other Saint Germain Players Test Positive

The world is still experiencing the ravaging effects of the coronavirus to date. While many industries are gradually recovering from the effect, the world of sports is still feeling the pang in a big way. While eFootball PES 2022 provides relief for the betting community, the sports community needs to claim its relevance and get back to the field.

Against all odds, the clubs and leagues have resumed and games are ongoing, giving punters something exciting to look forward to. However, soccer players, coaches, goalkeepers, managers, and other team members have had to deal with the virus. Shuffling team members and covering up for infected players is undoubtedly taking its toll on different clubs.

Early in the year, renowned Olympic soccer player, Lionel Messi, tested positive for the Coronavirus. He is one of the four PSG players that tested positive for the virus about the time. Messi went into isolation immediately in his home in Argentina. He was tested alongside other Paris Saint-Germain players.

Messi, arguably the best footballer player in the world, was tested shortly before the return of the team to the field after a short winter break. The PSG coach, Mauricio Pochettino, is not sure when the 7-time Ballon d’Or winner will return to France to continue his game.

He is also not sure if he will recover fast enough to participate in the away match in the upcoming league. Suffice to mention that leading clubs all over Europe have significantly reduced team capacity due to coronavirus infections.

Some of these European clubs are Real Madrid and Barcelona. It is worth mentioning that the omicron variant contributed to the rise in the number of coronavirus cases witnessed in sports across the continent. Women’s soccer Olympics are not left out of the crisis. Many sports events for the women’s team were halted also.

Only a few soccer events are ongoing for the women’s soccer Olympics teams across the world. Some of the players also tested positive and have gone into isolation.

With the 2022 World Cup in Qatar coming up, the sports community is doing all it can to ensure teams are in top shape and hoping for no surprises in the health of the players.

How the Coronavirus Pandemic has affected the Sports World

England remains the most affected continent as the Premier League went on throughout the Christmas holidays in the middle of a series of postponements. Ahead of the kickoff game at Chelsea, Liverpool pronounced three additional suspected Covid-19 cases with goalkeeper Alisson, defender Joel Matip, and forward Roberto Firmino isolating.

Suffice to mention that manager Jurgen Klopp missed the London trip because he tested positive and went into isolation. Meanwhile, the French clubs are back to the field to play for the first time after a long while. The team had gone on a 1 ½ week break to celebrate the holiday.

The Olympic soccer coach, Mauricio Pochettino, experienced further depletion of his choices for the French Cup match at the 3rd-tier Vannes. Backup goalkeeper Sergio Rico, midfielder Nathan Bitumazala, and left-back Juan Bernat left the team after contracting the coronavirus.

It is not certain whether the Olympic soccer player, Messi and the quartet, will be fit enough to play again soon. It should be noted that PSG already has a 13-point lead on top of the standing. According to Pochettino, these unprecedented times are a risk for everyone in football, especially since contact is unavoidable.

He mentioned that the team is taking all necessary steps to avoid players, including the goalkeeper from transmitting the virus to another. He revealed that seven players tested positive for the virus but none of them showed any disturbing signs. They are all currently isolated.

The impact of the Covid-19 on sports is also felt in sports betting. With the series of developments, using an accurate football prediction website is crucial for punters. Thankfully, people can find some of the best betting prediction sites online to get tips from.

Panarin of the New York Rangers on Covid-19 Protocol List

The New York Rangers revealed that Olympic soccer player, Artemi Panarin with the assistant coach Mike Kelly, have been included in the Covid-19 protocol list of NHL. This was done shortly before the beginning of the team’s game against the Tampa Bay Lightning.

Suffice to mention that Panarin had 31 appearances, 26 assists, and 10 goals in this season. Also, Marc-Andre Fleury, Chicago goaltender, was removed from the list after he was added earlier. The 37-year-old Olympic soccer player is 9-10-1 with two shut-outs, 2.86 goals, and a 0.913 save percentage.

These are against the average in his first season with the team. Things seem to look brighter for the Lightning as they got back forward Anthony Cirelli and goalkeeper Andrei Vasileskiy from the Covid-19 protocol list.

Andrei Vasilevskiy was added to the list the previous Sunday and he missed three games. Cirelli also missed three games before he was removed from the list. Anthony Cirelli has nine assists and nine goals in 28 games he played with the team.

How the Unprecedented Times affect the Sports Betting Community

The uncertainty in sports caused by the coronavirus affects sports betting in no small measures. No one knows the next person to go under the weather because of the Coronavirus. Even the best football prediction site is grappling with the reality of predictions suddenly changing because of unexpected coronavirus cases in a team.

If a bet prediction site is finding it difficult to predict successfully, how much more would a punter experience the same. Now more than ever, it is crucial for punters to stay abreast of the latest news about players, teams, and events. Staying in the loop makes it easy to know what is happening per time.

It also makes it possible to make informed decisions when gambling on any player, team, or sports event. It may be a good idea to sign up with a free football prediction site to get real-time tips and predictions on sports events.

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