Alphonso Davies to be absent from Upcoming 2022 FIFA World Cup Qualifiers Window

The German club, FC Bayern Munchen has ruled out soccer player, Alphonso Davies, from participating in the upcoming international window for 2022 FIFA. The decision was reached after the club discovered signs of mild myocarditis in the player after he contracted the coronavirus.

Suffice to mention that myocarditis is a condition associated with the inflammation of the heart muscle. Due to this condition, Davies will not play in the three matches scheduled for the CONCACAF Final Round of FIFA World Cup Qualifiers.

It is worth mentioning that at this time, the Canadian team has six matches remaining in the CONCACAF Final Round of 2022 FIFA World Cup Qualifiers. The next three matches will take place in a ten-day FIFA international window starting from January 24 through to February 2.

The first of the three matches will hold on January 27 in San Pedro Sula Honduras. After that, the team will play a home match on January 30 in Hamilton, Ontario. They will then proceed to play an away match in San Salvador on February 2.

How Alphonso Davies’ Absence will affect the Men’s National Team

When Coach John Herdman reeled out the names of his squad for the upcoming 2022 World Cup Qualifiers against the United States, El Salvador, and Honduras, one name was glaringly absent from the list.

Although the absence was anticipated, it was still a shock for the Reddit sportsbook and bet way punters. Alphonso Davies will be absent in the next three matches of the team as he recovers from COVID-19. Following his testing positive for the virus, Bayern Munich announced that the soccer player has been diagnosed with mild myocarditis.

This is an inflammation of the heart, which is mild but will also affect the performance of the player. Many have envisaged that the absence of Davies will affect Canadian soccer positions in the World Cup Qualifiers and the odds of the team on bet 888.

While talking about the incident, John Herdman, the Canadian team coach, told his team that there would be no excuse for the team not to perform. According to him, the team has been resilient and strong and even though the absence of Alphonso Davies will be tough, qualifying for the World Cup has never been easy in the first place.

Therefore, he encourages the team to give its best and smash the posts as they consistently visit the soccer stores to pick their kits for each match they have been scheduled to play in. In other words, the team will consistently deliver and achieve victory, irrespective of the absence of a player. The team is determined to hold their soccer positions in the CONCACAF World Cup qualifying matches.

How long will Alphonso Davies miss the Matches?

Julian Nagelsmann, the Bayern boss, announced on January 14 when providing an update on Alphonso Davies’ health that during the standard follow-up examination carried out on players that have contracted the coronavirus, they noticed signs of mild myocarditis in Davies.

This is an inflammation of the heart muscle that could hamper the performance of the player on the field and affect the team’s soccer positions. That means he will be absent from the soccer stores as he already stopped training and would not be available for the next couple of weeks.

Nagelsmann emphasized that the myocarditis is not overly dramatic judging from the ultrasound carried out on him. However, he needs to heal and it will take some time for the inflammation to heal.

A report has revealed that the soccer player is likely to be out of his soccer indoor shoes for a minimum of four weeks. After his healing process, he will return to Bayern Munich training and may likely make it to the World Cup in Qatar if his team qualifies.

How important is Alphonso Davies to Canada’s Soccer Positions in World Cup Qualifiers Games?

There is no doubting the fact that Davies is very important to Canada’s soccer positions in the World Cup Qualifiers matches. He is one of the strong players that make the team returns to soccer stores, again and again, to prepare for their next matches against opponents in the CONCACAF World Cup qualifying matches.

His absence will no doubt be felt irrespective of who steps in for him. Suffice to mention that Davies has appeared in all matches all through the World Cup qualification cycle except for one. He missed the September match that earned the Canadian team a 3:0 win against El Salvador due to knee injuries.

The victory earned the team a highlight in soccer news and included them in high soccer positions. Alphonso Davies is an important soccer player on the Canadian team. Over time, he has played full 90 minutes matches six times. He has also passed the 80th minute in five other matches.

He has made seven appearances in the Hex and during those times, he has one goal and 3 assists. Additionally, Canada had four draws and three wins in the matches he has played. Davis has 5 goals and 8 assists across World Cup qualifying games in both stages.

Suffice to mention that the team has not lost any match all through the 2022 World Cup qualifying games. The team has had a perfect six wins from six previous stages and qualified for the Hex.

How Alphonso Davies is Faring

Although he cannot visit the soccer stores with his team to pick his kit, the 21-year old is giving his fans a peek into his personality. During the match against Honduras, Davies was with his fans on Twitch as he watched his boys slam Honduras a 2:0 win.

This side of the soccer player endeared him to many of his fans, and many are rooting for him to return to the soccer stores and field. How will Alphonso Davies affect betting online? The truth is that nothing has changed much in scores and odds predictions. The Canadian team has demonstrated tenacity and resilience even in the absence of one of their strong player.

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