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House League
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House League


What time of year does house league start?


  • House-league starts May


How many times a week does it take place?


  • House-league soccer takes place twice a week at the location specified by the coach


What days of the week does it take place?


  • This is unknown until all schedules (including inter-city) are arranged. The schedules come out in May. No games or practices take place during the week until school is over. The house-league soccer will always take place on two week-nights per week once school is over. Those two specific week-nights may be different from one year to the next depending on field availability.


How long are the sessions?


  • Two 60-90 minute sessions per week


If my child is too young, are there other options for them to play soccer before the age of 4?


  • As far as Soccer Deux-Montagnes knows, there is no organized club for young children to play soccer before the age of 4.




What time of year does inter-city soccer start?


  • Depending on the coach, practices may start in March, well before games begin. Some coaches have practices indoors before the fields are ready.  Others start practices closer to the beginning of the season. All games begin in May.

How many times a week does inter-city soccer take place?


  • There is usually one game per week and one practice per week. Some coaches have more practices.


What days of the week does it take place?


  • This is unknown until all schedules (including house-league) are arranged. The schedules come out in May. Games are usually during the week, once a week. Practices are wherever the coach and parents decide collectively.

How long are the sessions?


  • Games are between 75—90 minutes (depending on age category). Practices are usually 90 minutes but depend on the coach.

What cities do we play against and how much do I have to travel?


  • Deux-Montagnes inter-city teams play against cities like: St. Eustache, Boisbriand, Lachute…etc. in the Laurentide region. Half of all games are “away” and the other half are in Deux-Montagnes.

Is there senior soccer in Deux-Montagnes?


  • Yes! After you turn 18 your soccer life is not over! There are several women’s and men’s senior soccer teams of different calibers. There is also a new over 35 (O-35) men’s team which also plays inter-city in the Laurentide region.


House League vs. Inter-city


What is the difference?


  • House league starts at U5 and ends at U8. House league is a mix of teams with both girls and boys playing on the same team, who play only in Deux-Montagnes. House-league teams receive full uniforms they get to keep after the season is over.
  • Intercity starts at U9. The inter-city teams from Deux-Montagnes play in the Laurentides region against many other cities. Players in inter-city get to keep only their shorts and socks but must return their jersey at the end of every season.


What does the “U” stand for in, for example, “U12”?


  • The “U” stands for the English word “under” showing that all children in that category are under a specific age for the current year. For example, for “U12” most children, depending on birth-date are 11 years old.


What is the minimum age for house-league?


  • Players registering for U5 must be at least 4 years of age by May 1st.


Can my child stay in house-league even though they reach 8 years of age?


  • No. We do not offer house-league above U8 because of a lack of players to form several teams.


Can my child play with a younger group to stay with their friends?


  • As per the rules and regulations we follow by the Soccer Federation of Québec, all players are required to play on teams based on their birth-date, unless they are playing with a team whose players are older than them (and then other rules can prevent it).

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