Canada Wins over Mexico and Moves into 1st Place in FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 Qualifiers

Canada remains undefeated on the Soccer field and takes the top place on the table at the CONCACAF Final Round of FIFA World Cup Qualifier. The team achieved a 2:1 victory against Mexico in a home game at the Commonwealth Stadium in Edmonton, Alberta, making a name on soccer Reddit.

The victory moved Canada right into first place in FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 Qualifiers with 16 points in eight matches. This places the team ahead of the USA, which has 15 points, Mexico and Panama at 14 points each. Cyle Larin scored both goals for the team at 45+2 and 52 minutes respectively.

It is worth mentioning that the soccer live scores of the team would be the first against Mexico since the Quarter-finals of the 2000 CONCACAF Gold Cup. It is also the first for the team against Mexico since the 1976 FIFA World Cup Qualifiers.

The victories of the team on the soccer field so far places Captain Atiba Hutchinson as the all-time leader of the Men’s National Team with 90 international “A” appearances giving him a highlight sports betting. It also places Larin and Dwayne De Rosario as the most international scorers with 22 “A” goals.

Without a doubt, Soccer Reddit is glowing with accolades and praise for the Canadian team over their victories in the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 Qualifiers matches so far.

Highlights of the Men’s National Team’s Comments on their Victories

Head coach of the Men’s National Team, John Herdman, has expressed his pleasure over the team’s performance against Mexico. He opines that playing at an altitude at Azteca was tough as it is and the road games are equally tough. According to him, each country has its uniqueness and uses this to its advantage, which is exactly what the team did.

He expresses his appreciation to the City of Edmonton for making the city a fortress for the team. While talking about the victory, Cyle Larin stated that he is happy to tie the record. He hopes that he could beat this record one. However, he believes that this would be impossible without his teammates.

According to him, he is excited to get to where he is but the prize would be to win a World Cup. Winning a World Cup will put the team on a high pedestal on Oddsshark. He also expresses appreciation to the fans for coming out in the cold to support the team with their soccer jerseys.

Even though every one of the team members and fans all grew up in the weather and are used to it, it was still a commendable effort on the part of the team to leave everything to stay in the cold supporting the team on the soccer field. The betting community also had some rewarding times at Betway Sports and BODOG Sports as they bet away into a fortune.

Atiba Hutchinson also had something to say about the success of the team on the soccer field. According to him, it was an amazing night for the stadium as the atmosphere within the stadium was charged up. The team in their soccer jerseys went all out and played their hearts out.

He believes that the whole team left everything on the pitch because they all knew how critical the match was. According to Hutchinson, the team was determined to go out to the field and make a powerful statement. The team succeeded in their quest and achieved a resounding success in the soccer live match.

How the Canada vs. Mexico Played Out

Right from the start of the game, it was obvious that the Men’s National Team did not come to joke. Doneil Henry set an early tone for the match with a strong challenge right in the first minute of the game as the team stood to defend their unbeaten record at home. The first half of the match was pretty patchy, thanks to the freezing weather conditions.

The Canadian team had their first chance in the 20th minute as Tajon Buchanan took several tackles and tried to play in Richie Laryea. However, the pass was overly strong and the ball rolled out of bounds. Canada leveraged the miscommunication between Mexico’s defender and goalkeeper in the 22nd minute leading to a corner kick.

Keeper Guillermo Ochoa gave a strong punch to maintain the score. At the 24th minute, Alistair Johnston pushed a pass to Cyle Larin, who took a touch and shot on target. The shot was saved by the opponent because it was not strong enough. At the 36th minute, Milan Borjan came to the soccer field and took cover for the ball as it broke up from a Mexican attack.

Buchana got a touch at the 43rd minute as he turned towards the net aiming for a goal to show off to soccer Reddit. However, his shot went too high and wide without making a contact with the opponent’s net. Johnston stepped up his game aggressively during the stoppage time and won a 50-50 ball following his header right ahead.

He volleyed a shot from a distance, and Larin was there to push a rebound even though Ochoa tried to save the ball. Larin’s move drove the shot right into the net giving Canada the first goal into halftime and a spot on soccer Reddit.

Early in the second half, Canada doubled the lead achieving a 2:0 against Mexico, thanks to the 2nd goal from Larin. The goal propelled Larin into a tie for the most all-time goals scored so far in the game. Of course, Mexico tried its best to score a goal as the match drew closer to the end.

The Mexican team continued to apply more pressure on the Canadian Team and in the 90th minute, the Mexican team scored a Goal as Hector Herrera headed a shot in a cross from Jesus Corona to the net, beating Borjan close to the post.

This first goal for the Mexican Team changed the game for both teams as they began to apply more pressure to defend their integrity. The final five minutes were intense but the game ended with the Canadian team maintaining their two goals against the one goal from Mexican Team, giving the Men’s National Team a top spot on soccer Reddit.

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