Canada Moves Close to World Cup Qualification

Punters that followed the sport betting prediction in favor of Canada against Honduras are smiling at the bank. Canada wins against Honduras with a 1:0 victory as the team moves closer to the 2022 World Cup Qualification.

This is splendid news for the sport betting Florida and sport betting Alberta communities as more sport betting picks are now available to punters. Suffice to mention that this victory against Honduras was the first since 1985.

The team owes the victory to Jonathan David as he scored a fantastic goal during the second half of their match with Honduras in CONCACAF FIFA 2022 World Cup Qualifiers. Without core players Stephen Eustaquio and Alphonso Davies, Canada has always experienced difficulty. However, the tide turned in recent times.

The team came out with a big victory in San Pedro Sula following two magical goals. One was initiated by a Honduran defender, Denil Maldonado. Davies tipped up the scores by scoring another goal in the second half. The victory of the Canadian team was indeed a hot topic in the sport betting forum.

Highlights of Canada vs. Honduras Match in the First Half

Canada team started on a good note as Denil Maldonado, Honduran defender, mistakenly headed the ball clumsily towards his home just ten minutes into the game. Following the error, Tajon Buchanan showcases his fast feet towards the right side before he whipped a ball towards Cyle Larin as he aimed for the box.

Larin did not get the ball and instead, it deflected directly in the net as Maldonado contemplated whether to kick or head the ball. This error costs his team dearly and earned the first goal for the Men’s National Team, improving sport betting picks for punters. The unexpected goal was a major discussion on the sport betting forum.

With a goal under their belt, the Canadian players began to pressure the opponent’s team and got an excellent opportunity in the 16th minute. Cyle Larin skipped towards Junior Hoilett with the ball but his search was blocked by the opponent. The rest of the first half went on uneventfully as Honduras unsuccessfully attempted to disrupt the fast start of the Canadian team.

Canada’s team maintained their stance, giving more opportunities for sport betting picks. Tackles were thrown from every side as Samuel Piette, the midfield, became an unfortunate victim of the aggressive play of the Hondurans. He had to be substituted in the 39th minute of the game and was replaced by Liam Fraser.

Piette was a good player but the unfortunate incident means he had to take the bench for the rest of the match. When exploring sport betting games, incidences such as these should be part of the considerations when choosing odds. Nothing is guaranteed in sports betting except the sport betting bonus.

All through the rest of the first half, Honduras got good control of the ball but never had a chance to score a goal in a long while, giving their fans low sport betting picks. However, they had the best chance with a long ball. However, Milan Borjan dealt with the ball as he rushed out of the box. He punched the ball away from his goal before the Honduran striker got to it.

How Canada Scored the Second Goal in the Second Half

The second half started bright and clear and in the 55th minute into the game with more hopes for additional sport betting picks for punters. Jonathan David, after beating two Hondurans’ defenders with some exceptional dribbles, attempted a shot. However, the power was not enough to get it into the Honduras goal.

The missed opportunity was undoubtedly a topic of discussion among critics in the sport betting forum. Following the missed opportunity, Hondurans had a very productive spell. The team had a great chance to equalize with a free kick in the 70th minute. However, Milan Borjan was not ready to have any of that.

As Kervin Arriaga shot the ball, Borjan stretched to his left post and smacked the ball out of the way. Just three minutes later, Fraser picked the ball from Sam Adekugbe outside the penalty area for Canada and saw David making a dive. Fraser made a pass, which was a powerfully long ball.

It chipped over Lopez and went straight towards David who in turn gave a cool, controlled finish to achieve a beautiful goal. The performance of the duo made it to the sport betting news and sport betting forum as it was quite unexpected. Hope was not lost for Honduras as it got another chance during the stoppage time.

However, Borjan was determined to keep a clean sheet and made a diving stop to his right, pushing the ball away again. The Canadian team undoubtedly had a stunning victory that made waves in the sport betting forum.

What Head Coach John Herdman has to Say about the Victory

While speaking after the match, John Herdman, the head coach of the Men’s National Team, shared his thoughts on the victory. According to him, the team came to the pitch to grind the result, which was exactly what the team did.

He said the team knew they had the quality in transition and believed that if they could manage the front three, they would be okay. He went further to reiterate that they will keep relying on their comradery, brotherhood, and mettle. He said the team would continue to fight even as they go against the United State.

What the Victory means to the Canada Soccer’s Men’s National Team

The 2:0 means that Canada remains undefeated in the CONCACAF final round of World Cup qualifiers. The recent victory means Canada has won five matches and drawn four in the qualifying matches. This would be the reds’ first road win in their Octagonal qualifying campaign.

It is also the first win against Honduras in more than 35 years. Suffice to mention that Canada last won against Honduras in an away match was on August 25, 1985, as a part of their successful qualification for the 1986 FIFA World Cup in Mexico.

Although Mexico and USA won on Thursday during the CONCACAF Final Round of 2022 World Cup Qualifiers, Canada’s wins place them at the top of the Octagon standings. Following the 1:0 win of Costa Rica against Panama, Canada has five points clear of Panama who sits in the inter-confederation playoff spot.

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