CONCACAF vs. Oceania Intercontinental Playoff at Qatar 2022 World Cup

The goal for the Canadian men is to make a Montreal impact before the Qatar 2022 World Cup. The focus is to achieve a better soccer score and finish in the top 3 by March to avoid the playoffs. Following a draw at the FIFA headquarters in Zurich, CONCACAF got a break while the search for the fourth-place qualifier continues.

Suffice to mention that the 4th-place qualifier from Central and North America and the Caribbean will have a face-off with a team from Oceania at an intercontinental playoff for Qatar 2022. It should be mentioned that the draw at the FIFA headquarters paired teams from CONMEBOL (South America) and AFS (Asia) in other playoffs.

The Implications of the Intercontinental Playoffs and ESPN Soccer Score

These matches will decide the last two sides from the 32-country field that will participate in the Qatar 2022 World Cup. That means that ESPN soccer scores of each team participating in the playoffs will determine their presence or absence at the World Cup.

The single-game playoffs have been scheduled to hold in Qatar on June 13-14, 2022. These playoffs were initially planned for the home and away series. Now, CONCACAF may enjoy some relief as it is likely to avoid playing with CONMEBOL, the 5th-place South American finisher.

It is worth mentioning that the CONMEBOL teams won seven of the ten playoffs they participated in, including 6 of the last 7 matches. Also, the Asian team makes a significant Montreal impact on the CONCACAF the last time the duos came head to head in a match.

Currently, only 2 points separate 4th-place Colombia and 8th-place Bolivia in the South American qualifying with Uruguay, Chile, and Peru, in between. Not only that; New Zealand at number 110, is currently the top-ranked team in Oceania.

The team places ahead of the Solomon Islands, which stood at number 141. It is noteworthy to mention that the All Whites team has represented Oceania actively in the last three playoff matches. However, the team only won once.

What is the Potential for the Canadian Team in qualifying to make a Montreal Impact?

The truth is that Canada seems to have good soccer odds with the potential looking strong and positive. Based on numerous analyses from sports critics, football betting tips today are looking favorable for the team in the qualifying games.

The Canadian team currently has six games they have to achieve meaningful ESPN soccer scores. Despite the determination to win at the matches, the team still looks forward to avoiding the playoffs. To have their wish come to pass, they must finish in the top three by March with an admirable soccer score.

Well, the journey has not been bad, and punters that have made positive predictions regarding the team, are surely enjoying the rewards. For example, number 40 Canada at 4-0-4, 14 points, is currently at the top of the 8-team CONCACAF final qualifying round with impressive ESPN soccer scores.

That is ahead of the 12th-ranked United State’s 4-1-3, 15 points. It is also ahead of number 14 Mexico and number 63 Panama, with both spotting 4-2-2, 14 points. All these contribute to the Montreal impact that the platform has made over time.

Suffice to mention that the playoffs were initially slated to take place in March 2022. However, they have been rescheduled as a result of the ongoing pandemic. It should be noted that the CONCACAF teams have made a significant Montreal impact by winning three out of the scheduled six playoffs.

History of Qualifying Playoffs with Live Soccer Scores

Mexico advanced in 1962 and 2014 where it won the victory while Trinidad and Tobago won the victory in 2006. Also, Australia won against Honduras by achieving a live soccer score of 3-1 on aggregate.

Peru also beat New Zealand in two-game playoffs that ended in 2-0 ESPN soccer scores. The match took place in November 2017 and the team went ahead to qualify for the Russia 2018 World Cup.

During the intercontinental playoffs before the Brazil 2014 World Cup, Mexico also trashed the New Zealand team 9-3 on live soccer. That is not all; Uruguay also mercilessly beat the Jordan team on a 5-0 aggregate. All these made for an interesting soccer bet prediction at the time of the matches.

In 2010, New Zealand also made a huge success when it went against Bahrain in the 2010 World Cup event in South Africa. The team blanked Bahrain in a match that ended on a 1-0 aggregate. The Uruguay team also showed skills in another playoff when it defeated Costa Rica in a 2-1 victory match, making the team a top consideration for predictz today.

Highlights of the European Playoffs for Soccer Score Predictions

Of course, the Canada team is not the only one making a Montreal impact or eager to earn ESPN soccer scores ahead of the World Cup. Other teams are also striving to do their countries proud. The European playoffs list was drawn and some powerhouses were pitched against each other for the battle of the fittest and Futsal.

Scotland has been placed against Ukraine while Wales will go against Austria. Russia is scheduled to battle it out with Poland and Sweden will go head to head with the Czech Republic. Italy and North Macedonia will compete on the pitch and Portugal will fight it out with Turkey to win the victory.

These are the twelve teams competing for the three World Cup berths. Suffice to mention that some teams already qualified for the event. The qualified teams are Argentina, Croatia, Belgium, Denmark, Brazil, France, and England.

They also include Serbia, Switzerland, the Netherland, and Germany. The host country, Qatar has also qualified and will be playing at the Qatar 2022 World Cup. What do all these mean? It means punters have more betting opportunities to explore.

With ample football betting tips available online, there are more winning opportunities for smart punters. All that is required is to visit a soccer prediction site and check out the soccer odds available before making a betting decision.

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