Former Canada Captain Scott Arfield Ready to Leave the International Soccer Scene

The 33-year old former Canada captain and Glasgow Rangers midfielder, Scott Arfield, announces his retirement from the international soccer scene. By extension, he also retired from the list of players to look out for on Sport betting Ontario.

The popular soccer player has said that he decided with a heavy heart because he loved every moment he participated in matches to represent Canada. Unfortunately, he will no longer be a popular name on sport betting websites for Canada after his retirement. That means fans cannot expect to earn a sport betting dime from wagering on him anymore.

According to him, he is grateful for the experiences and opportunities that he has been given both on and off the pitch all through his professional football career. The sport betting Ontario community will undoubtedly miss wagering on the captain.

What Scot Arfield has to say about His Experiences?

While talking about his retirement plan, Arfield revealed that from the first day in the program, he knew that his team was under the right guidance. He believes that the team can attain its full potential and he is proud and happy to see this coming to fruition with the team ranking high on sport betting stats.

According to him, he has a great relationship with Canada’s head coach, John Herdman. He went further to state that he would like to appreciate him for trusting and giving him the honor to lead the team as the captain during his early days as the manager. Arfield also appreciates all staff members, supporters, and teammates that he had played with during his football career.

He said he anticipates seeing the team get to Qatar for the FIFA 2022 World Cup as they show the world what exceptional Canadian soccer is made of. The sports betting community is also on the lookout for the team as they improve the sport betting odds for their fans across sport betting app Canada.

Suffice to mention that Scot Arfield did not mention the reason for his leaving the international game scene. However, it is worth noting that he has not played for the Canadian team since November 2019 and has been focusing more on his club career, family, and health since then.

If he continues to play with his club, fans can catch him on sport betting sites Canada. However, if he stops playing on club level too, the sports betting BC community will undoubtedly miss Arfield because he was once a popular name at sport betting sites Canada.

Highlights of Scott Arfield Time with the Men’s National Team

The passion of Scott Arfield for the game was certainly quite infectious. During his time with the Men’s National Team, he won nineteen caps, two goals, and seven assists for Canada. He also wore the armband as the team’s captain five times, including the historic 2:0 victory that the team had against the United States in October 2019 in Toronto.

Suffice to mention that this match was the first victory of Canada against the Americans in the last 34 years. Arfield was indeed a top-ranking name on sport betting Ontario. While talking about Scott Arfield, head coach John Herdman stated that it was a privilege and pleasure to work with him on the men’s national team.

According to Herdman, Arfield’s passion for the game is undoubtedly infectious as he helped to lay an exceptional foundation. This foundation has helped the team to grow and build towards becoming a success in the group of FIFA World Cup qualifiers. It is no wonder that he became a favorite of punters on sport betting sites Canada.

Herdman went on to say that the team wishes him the best in his future endeavors. It is of import to mention that Herdman assigned Arfield captain of the team in 2018. This was when veteran Atiba Hutchinson was pursuing his club career with Besiktas in Turkey and also focusing on his health.

Herdman stated that Scott has a “super outgoing positive energy” and he is quite vocal at the time he was appointed. Arfield is Scottish and qualified to play for the Canadian team through his Toronto-born dad. Suffice to mention that his grandfather was also in the military and was stationed in Canada for a short time.

Scott Arfield is a native of Livingston and played in the under-21 team of Scotland and Scotland B. He won 17 caps but never got invited to play in the senior side of the nation’s team. However, he is a popular name in sport betting tips.

How Scott Arfield Joined the Canada Soccer’s Men’s National Team

Scott Arfield got called to play with the Canada team after he revealed his Canadian bloodline to Burnley defender David Edgar during a birthday bash for club teammate, Sam Vokes. Following a discussion between the then assistant Coach, Mike Findlay, and the then-head coach, Benito Floro, Arfield was brought into the Canadian team.

After being invited to play for the men’s national team, he went into the game with all his heart, become a force in sport betting Ontario. He made his debut in a World Cup qualifying match against Mexico in March 2016 at Vancouver, which ended in a loss.

Former Canada coach, Octavio Zambrano, was impressed by Arfield’s character and he raved about it quite a lot. While talking about him in 2017, Zambrano mentioned that he could not say enough about Arfield because he is a bunch of commitment, professionalism, and sheer talent quality.

He went on to opine that he believed that the player will become a more important player in the team because of what he radiates. Arfield indeed became an important player and also a famous name among punters at sport betting sites Canada.

Scott Arfiled has always worn No. 37 for Rangers and he did the same for his former club, Burnley. His special number endeared him to many, which contributed to his popularity at sport betting Ontario. It is worth mentioning that he wore the No. 37 as a tribute to former Falkirk teammate, Craig Gowans, who got killed in an accident while on the training ground in 2005.

The incident with Falkirk’s teammate happened when the metal pole he was holding touched a high-powered overhead power line. It is worth noting that Arfield joined Burnley in 2013 after his stints with Huddersfield and Falkirk.

Scott Arfield will be missed on the pitch and sport betting sites Canada. Of course, it is not all a sorry story as players can explore sports betting how to and check out other top Canadian team members to wager on.

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