Canadian Men Crushed Cayman Islands to Set New Record in World Cup Qualifier for Soccer Today

The Canadian men are not taking chances as they gun for a spot in the Qatar 2022 World Cup event. Soccer today may not have the team in its headline but the match with the Cayman Islands made the headline. During the March 2021 match, the men slashed the MLS table and trashed their opponents in a game that ended in 11-0 on aggregate.

Suffice to mention that Canada is ranked the world’s 73rd in soccer where they placed 120 spots ahead of the Caymans. The team is also a known force in CONCACAF Champions League. It is worth noting that both teams have never gone against each other before the March game. The World Cup qualifier game was the first-ever match between the two in a senior-level game.

Interestingly, the game turned into a major defeat for the Caymans as the Canadian men showed them who the men are. For a fact, the match was more of a training game for the men while it was a big contest for the Caymans. It undoubtedly made for the best soccer bets today of that time.

Highlights of the Canadian Men vs. Cayman Islands Match in World Cup Qualifier

One word for the Canadian performance during this match is ruthless. The team came prepared and their performance showed the practice and preparation had gone into the match. Therefore, it was not surprising that the team made headlines in the USMNT.

According to the team, the goal was to make history and they did. While talking about the game, the first goal scorer for the team, Alistair Johnson, mentioned that the team had a couple of keywords they were working with, and ruthless was the core keyword.

He mentioned that the team intended to send a clear message to the rest of the CONCACAF Champions League members that the Canadian men mean business. The previous scoring record of the Canadian men was with a USMNT team, the U.S. Virgin Islands in 2018 at the CONCACAF Nations League qualifying game.

The game ended in 8-0 on aggregate and it was a big success for the Canadian footballers and their fans. The success of the event remains a reference point in soccer vista predictions for soccer today. It is also worth mentioning that the previous high point for the team in the World Cup qualifying match was the victory against St. Lucia.

The Canadian team won against the St. Lucia team in October 2021 with a 7-0 score. The latest victory was a big shot that many still refer to in soccer today.

What More to Expect from the Canadian Men in Subsequent World Cup Qualifier Matches

The Canadian team has more games to play to qualify for a spot at the 2022 World Cup in Qatar. While working towards more success, the team has set itself up for a resounding success from the first round of the CONCACAF Champions League qualifying game.

The sports world is on the lookout for more success from the team. It is left for the team to prove its competence by remaining consistent as it goes against big teams in upcoming qualifying matches. The coach, Herdman, believes that his men are in top shape and would learn on the job.

It may be too soon to put the Canadian men on the top list for best soccer predictions for today. However, with a couple more games, the team would prove its mettle and take its place among the qualifiers for the 2022 World Cup.

CONCACAF Champions League Canadian Scorers for the Record-breaking Match

11-0 is not a joke and it is worth highlighting the men that made this victory a reality. Spotlighting these men will guide punters looking for betting predictions today on who to look out for when betting on the Canadian men. The scorers of the eleven goals are special breeds.

Mark-Anthony Kaye scored twice in the match and David Wotherspoon, Cyle Larin, Johnson, and Frank Sturing added one goal each for Canada. Within 27 minutes of the game, the team already scored 6 goals with none from the opponent.

Suffice to mention that Sturing scored his goal barely five minutes after his debut into the Canadian team. The single goals from Kaye and Wotherspoon also opened the scoring accounts for the duo. Cavallini scored three goals in the 68th, 74th, and 76th minutes of the match.

It is interesting to note that Lucas Canallini scored in the second half after coming in as a substitute for another player. The Canadian team showed their prowess and no mercy at the event. Of course, their performance also sent a strong message to the members of the CONCACAF Champions League that the team is something to watch out for.

After this match, the team has faced other teams and battled it out with them. They win some and lost some but they already proved their skills as a strong team in the CONCACAF Champions League.

Highlights of CONCACAF Champions League in Qualifying Rounds

Thirty CONCACAF nations were split into 6 groups in the first qualifying round. The region covers the Caribbean, Central, and North America. Winners from these six groups will advance to the next stage of the game. The game has started with all thirty countries battling for a spot to play in the World Cup.

Canada has its team well set out and ready to fight it out with other teams. The world watches as it awaits the teams that will make it to the final round and ultimately qualify for the 2022 World Cup in Qatar. Soccer today has the news of the steady progression of the game.

The betting community is also eagerly following the matches to see how to leverage the matches to make some tidy funds. If you are a punter or just planning to join the league, you are sure to find the best soccer prediction site to help you make informed decisions on your betting on soccer today.

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