4 Exciting Expectations from Canada Men’s National Team for 2022

Canada is in the news, thanks to their performances so far. Who’s playing soccer today is a common question in the mouths of fans as they anticipate the next game of the Men’s National Team. Canada ended 2021 in a grand style by becoming the leader in the CONCACAF 2022 World Cup Qualifying table.

With such a high-pitch victory, it is obvious that fans can expect a lot from the Canada Soccer’s Men’s National Team in 2022. Although soccer was not invented in Canada, the team has undoubtedly made the soccer world proud.

Canada was not there when soccer was invented in England but the team has undoubtedly made a name in 2021 and gave soccer enthusiasts something exciting to talk about. 2022 is here. So, what can fans expect from the Canadian Men’s Team in 2022? Here are four top expectations from the team that is worth getting excited over.

Canada will play a Home Match with the United States Team on January 30

The Canada Soccer’s Men’s National Team is scheduled to play their first home game of 2022 at Tim Hortons Field in Hamilton, Ontario. They will play the match against none other than the United States team.

Suffice to mention that this match would mark the first time Canada’s team will play in Hamilton as John Herdman proceeds with his cross country tour to connect fans in the nation. The match has nothing to do with when soccer was invented. It is all about the demonstration of the prowess of two big soccer leagues on the same field.

There is a high expectation that the team will win the match against Honduras when they meet on January 27. If this victory happens, a win against the Americans will create a minimum of a four-point gap between the two teams.

This could be a high point to help the Men’s National Team to qualify for the 2022 World Cup. The victories will put a focus on the team among punters and bookmakers, including 20 Bet, MGM bet, and Win Bet, among others.

Canada will break more Men’s National Team Records

2021 remains a historical year in the history of Canada Soccer’s Men’s National Team soccer. When Canada’s team comes up in searches relating to who’s playing soccer today, fans always go agog. The reason for this is simple. The team always brings something unique to the table.

For a start, the team broke three records in a swoop. First, Atiba Hutchinson set a new appearance record for the team against Mexico. The victory was not a function of how many soccer players on a field. It was more of maintaining focus and gunning for the goalpost even with the opponents surrounding him.

Suffice to mention that Cyle Larin also broke the record for the most goals in a calendar year with 14 goals to his name. Junior Hoilett also broke the all-time assists record. Currently, Larin is tied with Dwayne De Rosario at the top of the goal-scoring table of the Men’s National Team with 22 goals.

Jonathan David has also done well with 18 goals in 2021. If Canada qualifies for the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022, it will mark the first point for the team in the FIFA World Cup tournament. Even if the team did not earn a single point during the competition, they would have still broken a record, which has little significance to when soccer was invented.

Canada Men’s Team has many New Potential Debuts

Ike Ugbo’s debut in November 2021 brought fresh blood to the team. Well, he is not the only one because more Canadian will clinch their debuts in 2022. By the way, the Canadian soccer talent pool keeps growing with more promising players featuring in the national team now and then.

The question about the team would no longer be who’s playing soccer today but more about which team members are in a format. Canada is breeding powerful players that are making landmark statements in the soccer world.

Hopefully, many of these players will make their debuts on the international scene in 2022. Top among these are Daniel Jebbison, Theo Corbeau, and Harry Paton, among others. Without a doubt, 2022 has many interesting prospects for the national team that has little to do with when soccer was invented.

High Possibility of Achieving World Cup qualification for the first time in Thirty-Six Years

The first and only appearance of the Canada Soccer’s Men’s National Team in the World Cup was in Mexico in 1986 long after when soccer was invented. Canada’s team qualified for the only CONCACAF spot apart from the one allotted to the host country.

Canada Men’s Team outlasted seventeen other countries and took the final spot by winning against Honduras with a 2:1 at the temporary stadium in St. John’s, Newfoundland. Thanks to this victory, it was impossible to ask who’s playing soccer today without the Canadian team coming up.

Thirty-six years later, Canada has a high potential to qualify for the FIFA World Cup again. The oddsmaker and bet winner alongside punters across the world are watching. Fans are also watching and hoping that their favorite team would break more records.

Suffice to mention that CONCACAF will get three automatic FIFA World Cup spots based on the teams’ performance. The fourth-place team will battle it out with Oceanic Football Confederation in a knockout playoff. At this knockout playoff match, the soccer world would not need to ask who’s playing soccer today.

It would be more of what soccer games are on today. Suffice to mention that the top teams from the CONCACAF table are only separated by 2 points, which means getting the automatic spot may only be decided in the final round of the games.

The games would undoubtedly be a suspenseful and exhilarating one. If the Canada Men’s National Team qualifies as one of the thirty-two FIFA World Cup Teams, it would be a colossal accomplishment for the team, especially before the tournament expands to forty-eight teams from 2026.

More games are on the horizon for the Canada team. Coach John Herdman believes strongly in his team. It is worth noting that the team has played in harmony in all their matches, which many believe to be the secret to their victories so far.

Will Canada make a new record? Will the team’s performance make the punters’ community wonder about where soccer was invented again? Peradventure, soccer started in Canada before it moved to Europe.

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